Monday, February 24, 2020

Q3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Q3 - Essay Example Since I work as an IT professional, I would categorize myself as a knowledge worker because of the technical knowledge I possess in the area of programming for various applications. Problem solving requires the application of this knowledge, and also requires soft skills such as the ability to work in groups, because most IT work is done in teams and groups. Some examples of knowledge workers are those who possess specialized or highly technical knowledge, such as engineers, medical or legal professionals or IT workers responsible for systems design. Most technology jobs fall under the category of knowledge based jobs, however in most occupations, routine, desk level jobs can be standardized and outsourced. Job growth in the next couple of decades is predicted to be highest in well paying occupations requiring â€Å"expert thinking† and â€Å"complex human communication.† (Levy and Murmane, 2004:80). Hence, knowledge workers are those who possess a level of knowledge an d the ability to engage in expert thinking and are also able to interact effectively with others at different levels. (2) In the knowledge economy, work patterns are changing. As pointed out by Smith (2005) in his comparison of the work habits of the Baby Boomer generation and the young workers of today who belong to the Internet age, there is a higher level of independence and flexibility sought by the latter. Communication between these individuals takes place through electronic means even as they are sitting next to each other. If creativity and innovation among these knowledge workers is to survive and thrive, they require the kind of flexible managerial support that will focus on the end product rather than dictate the method by which such an end is to be achieved. Where knowledge workers are concerned, soft skills and effective networking is also an

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